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From The Blog: April, 2017


Hi! I’m the Hippocampus, and I am the Sportscaster for the BRAIN POWER team. Hippocampus is Greek for “seahorse,” which is perfect for me, as you can see from my shape. Just like when you watch a sporting event, the sportscaster is responsible for making the event spectacular—evoking emotions and excitement to all those watching or listening.

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The Day My Daughter Said “NO”

I was glad that I had prepared and that we had discussed the many topics around drinking before. This was the first time, though, that we had put those conversations into action.  I was reminded that Alcohol Responsibility Month is not just about our kids, but also our roles as parents. I was reminded in a direct way that it’s our responsibility to be clear with ourselves and our kids on where we stand on underage drinking and why, what we are comfortable with, and to educate our kids about the facts.

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As an educator, Responsibility #StartsWithMe

As students walked through the hallway rushing to after-school activities, we found ourselves in the middle of three simultaneous conversations among five high school boys. It was hard to keep up; We weren’t even sure if they were following along. One second it was about a text, the next second...

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Simone Biles Joins us for Alcohol #Responsibility Month

Remember back in March when Simone Biles joined our Ask, Listen, Learn team? Now that April—Alcohol Responsibility Month—is here, we are rolling out some great new projects featuring this most decorated American gymnast!  Our goal is to help parents and teachers talk to kids about saying YES to a healthy...

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April is Alcohol Responsibility Month

April is Alcohol Responsibility Month. This is a great time for teachers and parents to start conversations with tweens and teens about saying YES to a healthy lifestyle and NO to underage drinking.

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3 Ways to Start a Conversation About Alcohol in Your Classroom

April is Alcohol Responsibility Month and it’s the perfect time to take a lesson from Vanilla Ice (remember the 90s rapper?) and stop, collaborate, and listen to start a conversation about alcohol in your classroom. As educators, we have the challenge of taking tough topics and making them relevant for our middle schoolers so they’re not only meaningful, but impactful, and leave the door open to have more conversations down the road.

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Meet the MEDULLA

I’m the Medulla, and I am the quarterback of the BRAIN POWER team. You will find me attached to your spinal cord inside your brain stem…and like a first time QB in the championship game, I’m full of nerve cells.

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I’m the cerebral cortex, or should I say WE are the cerebral cortex! We are made up of four sections of your brain called lobes. Because we lobes all work together so well, you can think of us as a four-man bobsled team.

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