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3 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle from Together Counts!

When planning to do something new—tackling a project at work, trying a new recipe for the family, getting into a regular fitness routine—sometimes just committing to getting started helps you on your way to a routine and finishing the task. That great big goal comes down to size when you...

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Listen, Learn & Lead: Update from Mr. Clemons!

If you didn’t know, we have a Classroom Champions classroom in our own backyard of Washington, DC! Mr. Clemons‘ class at Imagine Hope Community Charter School has had such a successful year with their Athlete Mentor April Holmes and we love giving you updates! Here’s a blog from Mr. Clemons on...

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Why I Became a School Counselor

Jennifer Diaz, Ed.S., LPC is a School Counselor at White Oak Elementary School in Buford, Georgia and a finalist for the American School Counseling Association’s 2015 School Counselor of the Year. With all the focus on college and career readiness that our educational world is feeling, I consider myself lucky. ...

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Let ME Tell You How I Feel About “That Kid”

In honor of National School Counseling Week (#NSCW15) we’re spending the week honoring the school counselor’s impact on our nation’s youth to become smart decision makers later in life. For our first blog installment, one of’s education experts responds to an article in the Washington Post: “Parents: About THAT kid.”...

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Remmi Smith Talks Healthy #Resolutions

Happy New Year fans of Ask.Listen.Learn! I am Remmi of Cook Time with Remmi and I am so excited about the New Year! I wanted to start off the new year in the best way possible, with food, of course! So I’ve created some healthy dishes that are easy and...

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2014 Success Means a Bright 2015 for Classroom Champions!

This past year, they involved the brilliant young minds of 1700 students in more than 60 schools! Who are we talking about? Why our great partner Classroom Champions, of course! Classroom Champions recently came out with an accounting (their Report to Communities) of the 2013-2014 school year to provide insight into how...

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Start 2015 on a Healthy Note with Together Counts

It’s the perfect time of year to wipe the slate clean and start anew. Clear out that inbox. Empty the garage. Make amends with the healthy habits you put on hold last year! Our organization is a member of the Together Counts™ program, delivering free curriculum to schools and tips...

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3 Tips for Success: Classroom Champions CEO Talks Resolutions

It’s that time of year to set your New Year’s Resolutions! As an Olympic athlete and CEO, I’ve learned what it means to set goals and how to achieve them with confidence. Here are some tips for setting your own goals; especially those that don’t have to do with sliding...

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Conversation Tips for the Holiday Season!

Parents, how did unwrapping go!? Don’t worry, we’ve still got half the month to keep the conversations going. We felt it was unfair to urge you to have conversations about tough topics, like underage drinking, without giving you some pointers on where to start! Here’s what we’ve got to say:...

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