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We Hit the Road Virtually

For us, summer usually means hitting the road, attending a variety of conferences, and connecting with our community of educator’s face to face.

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Teaching in a New Normal

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week though it might not feel like it.    After years of running my own blog, an educational consulting business, and freelancing, I had no plans to return to teaching. However, a strange twist of fate landed me back in the classroom this past fall and suddenly I found myself welcoming the challenge of...

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Take a Brain Break with the Hypothalamus

It’s time to take a break with the Hypothalamus! Here is how it works: Read the blog below. Watch the YouTube video. Test your knowledge with a Kahoot quiz. Hi guys! I’m the Hypothalamus, cheerleader for the BRAIN POWER team, and a pretty big deal. I’m the one who gets...

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