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From The Blog: April, 2015

Creating Confidence in your Tweens to Say No to Underage Drinking

I have two young teen daughters. Much of my parenting efforts for them focus on confidence. I want them to be confident in their body image, confident in their school work, and just confident in their unique strengths as women. Until I started reading the site, I hadn’t realized I’d...

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Little Pitchers, Big Ears: Setting a Responsible Example

There is no way anything gets past my daughter. This 8 year old sees, hears, and questions everything. The phrase, “Little pitchers have big ears,” could have been coined about her. One recent evening, my daughter was wondering why the other adults at the table were having wine with dinner...

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Finding role models to spark a lifetime of conversations

None of my kids are particularly sporty. I’m not surprised, or disappointed. I’m not particularly sporty either. We’re a bookish family. We like to hike and bike and do all sorts of things together that don’t involve going to games and practices. We aren’t particularly sporty but we are still...

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The Classroom Coach: Jerome Clemons

What does it take to be a great coach? One of the key components to great coaching is learning to be a trusted guide. At their core, a coach must consider constantly communicating positive praise. The advice I would give educators and parents about being a trusted adult for students...

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Shannan Younger: Parents, Know Your Mandate

My daughter is just months away from becoming a teenager. She is counting down the days to 13 and chomping at the bit for freedom and independence. While I give her as much as I can, I still have rules and expectations for my (still) 12 year old. Some days,...

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Meet Our Superstar Christian Taylor!

This model athlete had his eye on the prize since day one! Our new Superstar Christian Taylor, 2011 World Champion and 2012 Olympic Champion, was featured in our Scholastic materials with his fellow Classroom Champions Athlete Mentors April Holmes and Taylor Ritzel! Born in Florida but having traveled the world...

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Google Hangout with Kids in the House!

With April being Alcohol Responsibility Month, what better way to have a conversation about alcohol responsibility than with a live Q & A Google Hangout hosted by Kids In the House? Moderated by their CEO Leana Greene, the half-hour lightning round featured our President and CEO Ralph Blackman, National Advisory...

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Meet Our New Superstar Taylor Ritzel!

This girl’s got skills and smarts! Taylor Ritzel, one of the women’s eights team gold medalist at the 2012 Summer Olympics, is one of the Classroom Champions Athlete Mentors on our 2015 Scholastic materials. We’re now excited to announce that this Yale grad is not only an Olympic Gold Medalist...

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April is Alcohol Responsibility Month!

Responsibility means something different to each person, down to the very reason they are inspired to get up in the morning. The person to your right needs to get their kids up for school, the person to your left has a boss to report to, and the person behind you...

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