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From The Blog: October, 2018

How to Get Your Kids to Talk to You

Here’s a tip for making yourself an easy person for an older kid to talk to: When they suddenly want to tell you stuff at eleven o’clock on a Tuesday night, and you’re exhausted and have a meeting in the morning and the kitchen still needs to get cleaned up and YOU KNOW in your heart they’re only talking to you to avoid going to sleep? Have the conversation anyway.

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Entablando conversaciones para un estilo de vida saludable

Los padres son la influencia #1 cuando los jóvenes deciden consumir—o no consumir— alcohol. Es importante mantener las vías de comunicación abiertas a medida que los niños crezcan y les surjan más preguntas. Aquí nuestros personajes –cada cual con su propia función dentro del cerebro– ofrecen sugerencias para romper el...

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Creating Digital Balance with Your Kids

Conversations about topics such as this “digital balance” can help build strong bonds with your kids. They help develop trust, show them you care, and open up gates to other conversations.

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