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From The Blog: November, 2014

Healthy Thanksgiving meals by Remmi Smith!

We caught up with Superstar Remmi Smith to see how she would prepare a healthy Thanksgiving! She made an awesome video to take us step-by-step! Check it out! Hi fans of Ask, Listen, Learn! I’m Chef Remmi of Cook Time with Remmi and I’m so lucky to be part of...

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As a Mother, As an Educator: Why American Education Week Matters provides resources and tools to teachers for American Education Week Communities around the country are helping the National Education Association (NEA) celebrate American Education Week from November 16-22. This week honors the work of educators, parents, support professionals and community members to help students achieve their potential. As a...

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Come Meet The Small Sports – Are You Ready To Play!

A new sports-themed brand for children ages three to eight years old. The Small Sports® cast of five lovable characters guide children through the principles of teamwork and good sportsmanship. With big hearts and even bigger imaginations, The Small Sports go on many exciting storybook adventures while reinforcing the strong...

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Not a Revelation, a Reminder

As kids, we are all thankful for the little things that make our life a bit more fun; whether it be a night without homework, Aunt Helga’s pumpkin cheesecake, going to a concert or even just spending time with friends. Come November 27th, it’s truly family, friends, school, a roof...

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Give Thanks: Small Changes Making a Big Impact

Right now, all across the United States, small, healthy changes are happening in schools. You may not read about it in the headlines, but the fact is, 49 schools and 10 school districts are putting small amounts of funding to good use. The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF) through their...

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