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From The Blog: January, 2012

The Best Smart Phone Apps for Kids

As promised, we’ve searched the web and found some of the most colorful, active and cutest apps for you to share with your little ones. Parenting’s Birthday Party Play Time Smack Talk Freshwater Aquarium Mad Libs iTot Toddler Flascards Pictureka! Lulu in Australia

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Kids and smart phone apps…what do you think?

How often do you see a toddler in a stroller on the metro or waiting in line at the grocery playing on his mother’s smart phone? It may seem strange (or dangerous) for these little hands to be holding an expensive device, but what if he’s actually learning or developing...

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And the winners are…

The 3 “Live like a Superstar” winners of our $100 Amazon gift cards are… Brooke Allen: Plays lacrosse and field hockey and makes good choices. Natalie Flanders: Started a Girl Talk chapter at her middle school so she could help other girls make good decisions, and is now on the Girl Talk...

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New Year’s Resolutions for the Family

According to this ABC News article, nearly 41 percent of Americans are making resolutions this year, and 35 percent will break them by the end of the month. A lot of these resolutions revolve around working out, eating healthy or losing weight. But what if you’re a parent of a child...

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Chirp Chirp!

Even when it’s too cold to go outside and explore nature, you can still bring backyard birds of all kinds to your window to watch them enjoy a winter day’s snack. You can make your very own bird feeder with just a few simple items from around the house. What...

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