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Meet Our New Superstar Taylor Ritzel!

This girl’s got skills and smarts! Taylor Ritzel, one of the women’s eights team gold medalist at the 2012 Summer Olympics, is one of the Classroom Champions Athlete Mentors on our 2015 Scholastic materials. We’re now excited to announce that this Yale grad is not only an Olympic Gold Medalist...

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Remmi Smith Talks Healthy #Resolutions

Happy New Year fans of Ask.Listen.Learn! I am Remmi of Cook Time with Remmi and I am so excited about the New Year! I wanted to start off the new year in the best way possible, with food, of course! So I’ve created some healthy dishes that are easy and...

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Healthy Thanksgiving meals by Remmi Smith!

We caught up with Superstar Remmi Smith to see how she would prepare a healthy Thanksgiving! She made an awesome video to take us step-by-step! Check it out! Hi fans of Ask, Listen, Learn! I’m Chef Remmi of Cook Time with Remmi and I’m so lucky to be part of...

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Not a Revelation, a Reminder

As kids, we are all thankful for the little things that make our life a bit more fun; whether it be a night without homework, Aunt Helga’s pumpkin cheesecake, going to a concert or even just spending time with friends. Come November 27th, it’s truly family, friends, school, a roof...

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Remmi Smith Cooks Up Spookily Delicious Snacks!

Are YOU ready for Halloween tomorrow?! We thought we’d give you some festive ideas to make fun, delicious and healthy recipes with our Superstar Remmi Smith! Check out her blog featured below on Cook Time with Remmi! Hi fans of Ask.Listen.Learn! I’m Chef Remmi of Cook Time with Remmi and...

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Superstar Remmi Smith cooks up apples for fall!

What’s the best way to bring in the fall season? With apples, of course! If you missed it, we did a blog earlier in the month on apple recipes, but we thought we’d circle back with our resident healthy cooking expert, Remmi Smith from Cook Time with Remmi! Check out her latest...

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Blog Recap: Back to School!

Labor Day, the first day of school, parent/teacher conferences – the fall can be a busy time for families and educators! We wanted to recap our Ask, Listen, Learn: Kids & Alcohol Don’t Mix Back to School blogs so you can see what parents, educators and kids around the country...

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Debbie Phelps talks role of educator on preventing underage drinking

Parents take it upon themselves to start tough conversations with their kids at home – but, teachers, do you keep that conversation going in the classroom? What red flags do you look for to better understand what your students are going through, and what are the important things to remember...

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Cook Time with Remmi: Back to School Snacks!

Our Superstar and long-time friend Remmi Smith from “Cook Time with Remmi” has been up to so much since the last time we caught up with her. 14-year-old Remmi Smith is star of “Cook Time with Remmi,” and “The Culinary Kid,” shows through which she encourages kids to take her “C.H.E.F....

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